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Your FS Score

Question 1

To what degree of importance do you put on having a written strategic success plan for your business?

Question 2

How well do you feel the value delivered by your company is effectively and consistently communicated to your prospects by your marketing material, online presence, and sales team?

Question 3

Do you feel that your customer's buying decisions are based primarily on price or the value of your products and services?



Question 4

To what degree do you have systems in place to support consistent customer service?

Question 5

How do you rate the current people in place to allow your business to run successfully without your day-to-day input?

Question 6

How well do you feel you analyze your business’ financial, operational, and sales performance data in a timely manner?

Question 7

How well do you understand the matrix that makes your business profitable?

Question 8

What percentage of your business is recurring revenue?

Question 9

Do you have one customer that accounts for at least 15% of the overall revenue?



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