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Transforming Businesses,

We come from two vastly different backgrounds, with one wild common goal. To develop and provide a proven formula and that guarantees your financial success.

This Is How We Started


David starts his first business


Maria received her B.A. in Accounting


Maria starts her Bookkeeping Business


David starts his Coaching Business


Your Financial Success Matrix was born

David’s story


Early on in my life, I realized that I had a creative knack for both conceptional design, and problem-solving. Being a positive person, I never saw problems as a negative thing. I saw them as an opportunity to come up with a solution. So, I went to school for Graphic Design, excelled at it, and shortly after graduation I started my first Design business. I knew that in order to be able to apply all my skills, I needed to be self-employed. A regular job never allowed me to utilize my full potential. Although I had great design and marketing skills, I had no business skills at all. That was a huge problem. I floundered, and I was able to deliver for my clients and help them market their business, but was struggling to make a profit with mine.

Then one day, I decided that I needed to grow. Enough was enough, I said. "What do I need to learn to be more successful?" I asked myself. More confidence was the first thing on my list. So I auditioned for a local play, because what better way to help my confidence then to get up on stage in front of a room full of strangers? Well, I got the lead role, which included 7 monologues. I did it, and not a half bad job, if I may say so myself. From there I joined Toastmasters an international organization that helps with public speaking and entered every speech contest I could. Next, I knew I had to learn the business side of things. Along with learning on the fly, normally "what not to do", I looked for opportunities to learn from successful business owners. I found a business networking group, started a mastermind group with some successful businesses, joined the local Chamber of Commerce and read a ton of books.

Now that I started to gain quite a bit of business building skills as well as my marketing skills, I felt the need to help other business owners avoid all the mistakes I made over the years. My first "Business coaching"  job was taking on a leadership roll at the business networking group and leading all the meetings along with growing the group. After that, I became President of the Chamber helping it grow as well as helping grow the annual Home Show year after year.

All that time I was working with the Chamber and running my own marketing, design and print business I thought I was smart enough to do it all on my own. That I had learned all I needed to, to be able to run a successful business. Boy, I could have not been more wrong. I was able to deliver a great product with fantastic service, but that is not enough. I didn’t have any processes in place for predictable leads and conversions, didn’t have systems in place in order to leverage my resources, I didn’t have a handle of my profitability and I didn’t have proper pricing, bundling, upsell/downsell options available.
So, I ended up burning myself out, selling the business at way below market value and getting out of the business all together. The burn out had a tremendous affect on my personal life as well. My marriage deteriorated, I wasn’t fully there for my kids and was not very happy.

I needed time to clear my head, so what better way then to work with your hands. I spent the next few years working with a Master Carpenter and learned a great deal about renovating all aspects of a house. But more importantly it gave me a chance to clear my head, give me some perspective and vigorously renew my passionate to help other business owners.

Now, I am even more passionate about helping business owners succeed after having experienced the real pain that comes from owning a business that is struggling. Most business owners put their heart and soul along with a ton of sweat and tears into making their businesses succeed. I am here to teach them that there is a better way to make that dream happen.

As I continue to see success in my coaching clients it came clear to me that there is a huge gap with traditional bookkeeping between businesses being merely CRA compliant and planning for success. So, I sought out a business partner that not only had the accounting skills, but had the vision for helping people as I did. I found that and more in Maria and together we have created some amazing solutions that sets our clients up for success.

Maria’s story

I have always wanted to help people. I grew up in a big family of 7 kids so there were always opportunities to learn and to teach. In middle and high school I would do babysitting jobs for family friends. 

Ever since starting school, at the community college, I have enjoyed doing accounting and the numbers aspect of business. In my first accounting class, everything just clicked together. I understood the concepts and knew how everything flowed together. I eventually graduated from Ensign College and went to Brigham Young University-Idaho. I enjoyed accounting even more as the classes became more challenging. I was the one kid always excited to learn new concepts. 

I had always known that I didn't want to work in a big accounting business or a big corporation. I did an internship in a small accounting office and enjoyed it. I learned that I also like doing taxes. The idea of starting my own business had just begun to creep in. I worked in the accounting office for about a year before I moved up to Canada. 

I was preparing to look for another office job when a family friend suggested starting an accounting business. That is when my first bookkeeping firm was born. The goal was to help small startups understand and organize their finances and be ready for tax time. 


I had thought you needed to be a special kind of person to run a business and be an even more special kind of person to be an entrepreneur. I went to different networking groups in the community and found out that entrepreneurs come from all walks of life and at different points in their lives. 

Getting to know different entrepreneurs and their businesses has helped me understand there are many strengths different people bring. I want to help people do more than just be compliment with the CRA. I want them to not only understand their numbers but to utilize them to grow their businesses. Partnering with David has amplified my knowledge to be able to better help fellow entrepreneurs. 

I love accounting and I love bookkeeping. I love to continue to learn new things and use new technology. I also love helping other people. If I can help another person understand how money works, my life goal has been reached.

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