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Bookkeeper Vs Accountant Vs Your FS Matrix

What is the difference between a bookkeeper, an accountant, and Your FS Matrix?

Bookkeepers are the ones people traditionally think about when they think of getting their business finances entered into a database. They help you keep organized and track all your sales invoices, bills to pay, credit card charges, bank statements, taxes, and payroll. They get everything ready for the accountant and tax preparer at the end of the year. Most don't need to have a college degree or other certification.

An accountant is someone who looks over your financials and analyzes where the business has been and where it could be going. Most have university degrees and potentially other certifications such as Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). Some will do the data entry of bookkeeping but their main focus is on compiling financial statements and interpreting the data for business owners. They will look at the general financial health of the business, and generate reports for internal and external use. They may also file taxes for their business clients.

We at Your Financial Success Matrix have identified the need for business owners to not only be CRA compliant but also plan to be more profitable.​ So we created a solution that fills the gap between Bookkeeping and Success Planning with our Revolutionary Collaborative Bookkeeping. We have solutions that fit your comfort level of bookkeeping and provide the right strategies that prepare your business to be more profitable.

We incorporated the aspects of not only a bookkeeper and accountant but also a business coach. Businesses need timely reports of how their business is doing and accurate forecasts of what is to come in the future. We create easy-to-understand monthly financial statements that review and compare historical data and look for potential future trends that will impact the business. We also create actionable plans and practices that businesses can implement right away. As well, our clients get access to our Business Acceleration Coaching programs.

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